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I am going to start reviewing and posting about the different types of Crafting supplies and materials use in either side (beadwork, cardwork)

The one thing I found that is cool - Ebay is great for getting older stamps. I've been getting large lots of older stamps, cleaning them up and sorting them into KEEP / NO KEEP.

Now to decide whether to post the ones I am going to sell back on Etsy or Ebay.....


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One of the most frustrating aspects of serious crafting is lack of space to actually function. Mind you if I were to choose one craft (cardmaking verses beadwork) I have enough, but between the two of them - I don't. SO I have gotten creative. I have been investing in clear plastic shoe box containers to use once my daughter moves out and I get room back. The other thing is figuring out what I really need out and what I can dig out.

But overall its very complicated. I do not see how folks who have less space manage. - Love to see any craft room tips and or tricks.

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The most unusual revelation happened on this trip; I have vintage beads and I need to stop, re-assess them before designing with them and possibly change the way I am keeping them in their less than protective container.

How this revelation happened, was like all good revelations, unexpected and out of the blue.

In a small artist gallery in Mendocino, one of the shop keepers complimented me on my Jelly Buddha necklace that I was wearing. To me, this piece is 10 years old, and not very expensive - given when I made it and the materials. It is one of my favorite day-to-day pieces, goes with just about anything I own.

We struck up a conversation after I mentioned I made the piece, and design jewelry. She asked me how much one would cost to have one made for her, and I quoted about 35-50 dollars. This figured is based on what I, in my head, still see the piece costing given what I paid for the jelly buddhas years ago. The buddhas are a rainbow set of colors and I made the piece in the order of the chakras.

It never dawned on me, that well, the jelly buddhas at that time were from a 15 year old stash that someone sold me - thinking then they were worthless beads, after all she paid 50 cents for the strand when she bought them.

This makes my jellies 25+ years old, and this is where the problem starts.

My Google foo is pretty good. I have been known to find very obscure and hard to find items through Google search. However finding another strand of jelly buddhas was proving to be more difficult than anticipated.

I finally gave up and went to Etsy to see if anyone had the elusive buddhas, and that is when the revelation happened.

Two different vintage artists had pairs (red and a yellow set) of the jelly buddhas and this is when I learned that these are German vintage glass - and $3.50 - $5.00 a buddha. My seventeen colorful buddha necklace all of a sudden wasn't just a casual piece and isn't a 35 dollar necklace anymore.

Now, knowing the name of the pressed glass I went back to goggle. As I have been hunting, I found that I have a lot more vintage german pressed glass, some of the beads I thought were extremely tacky are actually worth a lot of money. Once I get back home, the 7 boxes of cheap pressed glass (as I have referred to it) gets to have a re-visiting and definitely no longer treated as second class citizens.

Lesson learned; make sure to date your speciality beads. Anything pressed, odd, different or international needs to be dated and cataloged

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After posting to my personal journal, I remembered I actually did create a professional journal for my crafts.

Here's today's post - http://the-vampkitty.livejournal.com/310919.html

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Welcome to my Design and Gallery Journal

Unique crafted designs of jewelry, cards, and gifts. I am a mix media artist who just loves beads, glass, metals, fabric, paper, ink and whatever I can incorporate into my designs from the world around me.

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Truth be told, I want to have my personal blog the_vampkitty separated. This journal allows me to explore the trials and tribulations of my jewelry business and gallery without overspamming my friends, who may or may not be interested in my jewelry in the first place.

Plus this allows me to advertise, display new products, track designs, and customize for my branding colors.

I have a lot of tasks to do to make this happen, including deciding how to separate my galleries in a way that makes more sense.

If you see anything you like or want, feel free to post a comment against the entry.
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